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  • New Course Arrival

    Students will be able to identify the different categories that determine the types of nouns.

  • In this course, students will get to learn about the wild animals of the world.

  • In this video, students will learn about the different punctuation marks. 

  • New course arrival

    Arts & Dance Online will take you on a trip to learn about the Cueca, known as the national dance of Chile.

  • Check this course out

    By the end of this lesson, not only will they learn about this food, they may even be a bit hungry!

  • Check this course out

    Arts & Dance Online makes its way to Cuba in this video to explore one of the country’s most important genres: the Cuban Son.

    A&D online platform


    Since the beginning, we have brought together the most innovative and genuine cultural experiences live on stage. Now we have brought it online. Welcome to our new e-learning platform, AD Online.


    Since the beginning, we have brought together the most innovative and genuine cultural experiences live on stage. Now we have brought it online. Welcome to our new e-learning platform, AD Online.

    Our promise...

    We are committed to bringing cultural education to as many students as possible; as a result, we have taken on the challenge of taking our content online. Arts & Dance Online brings the highest quality cultural productions for remote learning. This free of charge platform aims to take our shows online and have a quantifiable analytic of your students learning by integrating Knowledge Checks.

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    A&D Online proud partner of Hispanic Flamenco Ballet and Art & Dance Co.

    covid-19 header

    The health and safety of our artists, students, and teachers is our top priority. We all know this is a critical moment in our world, with new developments unfolding daily with respect to the COVID-19 virus.

    The backbone of Hispanic Flamenco Ballet is our performing group of dancers and musicians. Due to the escalation of the pandemic, and after careful consideration, we have decided to postpone the Spring 2020 tour and send our artists and office employees home so they can be with their families and loved ones.

    The economic impact caused this novel virus is yet to be determined. The cost of organizing an entire tour, reserving theatres, and covering travel expenses of artists is a significant investment. 

    Despite that, we want you to know we can offer a 100% refund credit towards the upcoming tour. You can reach us at any time, but please note we are working with minimal office staff, from our home offices.

    We are all in this together, joining forces against an invisible enemy. Thank you for your solidarity, patience and understanding. Hispanic Flamenco Ballet promises to keep you posted as new information becomes available.

    Stay healthy and safe.

    Jorge Ceron
    Founder, Managing Director